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Bishan Bookshop in Yixian

[ Yixian ] - [ 2014-07-08 14:19:03 ]

It would be perfect if not a bit condescending, if more than just a subject, if in a mild and deep way, if of more agrestic breath. Cultural renewal in Bishan is not only a kind of sentiments, but also duty of the time. The duty stems from personal consciousness.

Picture 1: Bishan Bookshop

Bishan Bookshop 1

Bishan Bookshop is located at a deep lane of Bishan Village in South Anhui, inside an almost abandoned clan temple. Paper book reading is something people is indifferent to in the city, are they in a mood for reading in the countryside? Beyond doubt, the answer is yes. Paying a visit to the bookshop on June 8, 2014, we happened to bump into a shooting crew from Fujian Strait TV interviewing Mr. Zhang Yu, an undergraduate village official, to them this land offers more pleasant surprise than curiosity.

Picture 2: Second floor Café of the Bishan Bookshop

Bishan Bookshop 2

Overflowing coffee aroma is intoxicating. Coffee has become popular in urban and rural areas. Coffee brings a kind of exotic cultural atmosphere when it comes to you not in an instant way. This kind of cultural atmosphere began to permeate into countryside dream. I believe this aroma can nourish every confident heart. One has experienced it, so accepted and enjoyed it, and can feel our own existence and value. Have been to far away places, we just know that the most beautiful is our hometown.

Picture 3: Roofs outside Bishan Bookshop’s Café

Bishan Bookshop 3

Out of Bishan Bookshop’s Café stand the Huizhou-style dark tile and white wall shaped like horse heads. In their view, Bishan is a free hand bush work which could not be easily described by words even colors. Two respectable intellectuals settle down nearby this clan temple. It is not only sentiments, not only duty, but silent devotion. You know that you are doing what others are not capable of. You know that what you are doing is probably a double-edged sword. What you are doing can be interpreted as loftiness, unrequited love that cannot talk to reality. Nevertheless, just like what the Huizhou-style architecture depicts, you cling to your simplicity and unyielding self.

Picture 4: Bishan Bookstore’s corner leading to second floor

Bishan Bookshop 4

It is a nice layout, though unwitting, but eye catching due to warm nostalgia, touching due to romantic mood. Elegance is innate character of country gentlemen for thousands years, not the exterior décor in the city nowadays.

Picture 5: First floor of Bishan Bookshop

Bishan Bookshop 5

The solid stone pedestal and pillar reminds us its original huge architectural design. It was an old ancestral temple named Qitaitang, said to be over 200 years old. A variety of new books are displayed on the shelf. Bishan Bookshop becomes one within an old village. For those who bought and read, what kind of mood do they might have?



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