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Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan

[ Wuyuan ] - [ 2014-11-25 22:58:43 ]

Did you shoot today?

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 1: Waiting. Photo by Cheng Zhongping )

What can I save you with, my fellow shutterbugs? Defying hardship and bad weather, you climb up to those cliffs with empty stomachs, just wait for the first ray of dawn? for those hills and houses shrouded by mist?

Many people still ask where the Shicheng is? You don't have to wait for my answer, just google it or baidu it by yourselves. Wanna know whom to contact, use the same search engine. But if you're more serious about it and wanna to shoot something with a little artistic conception, you might as well contact or

It's still raining and windy at Shicheng of Wuyuan in early morning on Nov 22nd, 2014. A group of photographers from came here, and a misty world happened to emerge before their eyes. To repay their long waiting, Shicheng offered those silly shutterbugs what they are longing for.

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 2: Mist lit by dawn light linger above the village in front of us. Photographer at high locations exclaimed in delight. With their DSLRs equipped with long lens or wide lens, or simply with cell-phone cameras, they said: I love you to those normal misty scene. Photo by Zhang Xiaohui )

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 3: Because of the presence of mist and light, with their own "artistic" feelings and orientations,everyone exclaiming on the hills can praise him as artist. Art is quite simple right at here, just look and click shutter, capture it in you camera. The key point is to get up early, wait patiently and endure hunger. Photo by Zhang Xiaohui )

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 4: As a matter of fact, the mist we saw today is smoke made through burning camellia oleifera shell by villagers who are encouraged by some busybodies. But it is funny, it has aesthetic imagery and artistic conception, the curled and lingered "mist" seem to have romantic mood. Photo by Zhang Xiaohui )

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 5: Among those who have sound sleep inside the horsehead-shaped wall, how many people now wake up? how many people laugh at us? Outside those horse head wall, how many people are busy lighting the camellia shell? how many busy guiding the road? how many had occupied positions suitable for photographers on hills last night? While cameras become popular, "art" gets simple, but it make happy feeling a little bit more complicated. This morning, Shicheng is a little bit confusing. Photo by Zhang Xiaohui )

徽州地理 - - Mists of Shicheng in Wuyuan
( Photo 6: Drifting mist, to be precise, the drifting smoke is still flowing slowly over. Sunshine shoots through old trees, on those horsehead shaped walls of Hui-style houses that are surrounded by "mist and cloud". In this way a fairyland with heavenly palace comes out. I calmed myself to have a simple mood, just to satisfy my urge of "art". Photo by Zhang Xiaohui )

What can I save you with? my fellow shutterbugs, we may have no sleep tonight. Looking at my camera after clicking shutter so many times, with an almost full SD card, I hold it to my chest affectionately, and can't help asking my photographer friend: "Did you shoot today?"

Photo by Zhang Xiaohui, Article by Chen Zhongping



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