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Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source

[ Photography ] - [ 2014-07-28 03:52:42 ]

( All the photos by Henry Chen )

As the mother river that nurtures Huizhou civilization, Xin'an River is a angel who open every ravines of Huizhou and bring glad tidings there, a weaver who makes up stories for most households in Huizhou, a transmitter who spreads Huizhou legends, a witness who saw the history changes, a enlightened sage who has been nourishing the soul of Huizhou.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-1

Get to work when sun rises, return to rest when sun sets.

The Life begins around the sunrise for those living along the Xin'an River. River water is always clean and clear, reflecting the villages, tea plantations and gardens on either hand of it, as long as it is not during flood season. Xin'an River are preserved clean and clear by Huizhou people while some major rivers in China dry up, lack water, or suffer from deteriorating increasing water pollution. The water quality of it reaches class 2 standard according to National Water Quality Monitoring Council.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-2

Persons walking in a clear mirror and Birds flying in a scenic screen.

Boat is the most important vehicle for people living by Xin'an River. All year round Huizhou is working and living in a world that resembles a landscape painting, weaving a dream for themselves and their descendants.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-3

But the environment around the Xin'an River source is quite different. It is the Liugujian mountain that is the origin area of Xin'an River. A village is silently inlaid into the huge green jade like a pearl. people in the village lives on the source water of Xin'an River, inheriting the rusticity, diligence and wisdom of Huizhou people.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-4

A section of road from Liugujian Valley of Huizhou to Shangrao City of Jiangxi.

The stone road is more than 100 years old based on the guess of local villagers. Its stone railing does dates back to the times between Ming and Qing Dynasty according to research. Along this road, we can walk through old villages whose history is over 1000 years, meandering our way into tea-oil tree plantation and wild forest, reaches the mountain pass atop bordering Jiangxi Province. It had been a major and busy road for Huizhou people to go out or return for hundreds years, They made a living on foot, smoothing and polishing those countless stones of this 'major' road.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-5

Walk into a rural family in Huizhou inadvertently, the most touching is the scene in the picture.

The ups and downs, all sorts of joys and sorrows for Huizhou people have been fully annotated by the rain gear and straw hat of different times.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-6

The jadeite shoal at Xin'an River source is near the village.

River water is crystal clear and looks bluish. It is rather cool and refreshing even in summer. The elder told us there are precious stones in the water. It is called Jadeite Shoal for the stones there is greenish. I hope jadeites would be buried here forever at the river source if they are indeed available. I hope we curb our greed and do not occupy them. Xin'an River is preserved well thanks to local farmer's indifference to windfalls. Hope what we see at the Jadeite Shoal is not only nice view and precious stone legend, but more a better life or those mountain inhabitants. Let's give more and care more for the sack of love.

Incessant Whisper Of Xin'an River Source-7

There scatters a lot of old bridges from Xin'an River source to its basin. Huizhou people have a special feelings about old bridges that could amount to over 1000. The river named after the former title of Huizhou in the history. From the first year of Taikang reign of Jin Dynasty (280 AD) to Southern Dynasties, Today's Huangshan City ( also known as Huizhou ) has been continuously called Xin'an Prefecture for 282 years. Later it had been called Xin'an again for another 15 years in Sui Dynasty. So all together Xin'an as a city name has been used for 297 years. Hence the Xin'an River that has been used to this day for 1734 years. Even the name of city has been changed to Shezhou and Huizhou, the name for the river is a constant, meaning new and peace, sounding auspicious and vibrant.



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