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Memory of Summer Hiking in Fuling of Jixi

[ Jixi ] - [ 2014-07-10 15:35:42 ]

Jixi County is situated in a cramped strip between river and valley, in mountainous area villages are often located within narrow hills as usual. Stream is a blessing for original settlers, for living by water is the first priority for Huizhou people in agricultural society stage. People can live, produce, and gradually develop with water source. Huizhou people can only keep body and soul together for a long time due to big population in limited farmland. Huizhou geography features eight out of ten hill, one tenth water, one tenth farmland, which made Huizhou people leave home to make a living. Nobody can share the weal and woe, but himself. An old Huizhou folk song goes like this: Born in Huizhou, in early teenage far away from home, for your previous lives lack practice in something spiritual. You can still feel this atmosphere when you walk along the country trail.

Picture 1: Village & field in Fuling Basin of Jixi in early summer

Fuling town of Jixi


Here is the village and field in the basin of Fuling Town in Jixi County. This village is called Daixia that means a village at the foot of a mountain. Huizhou-Hangzhou ancient path meanders through this mountain. The famous First Pass in South Anhui is situated at the entrance of the gorge in Jixi. People in Fuling are good at opera contest, acrobatic show of bowls.


Picture 2: Summer Countryside in Fuling

Fuling town of Jixi


Different plant has different time of sowing and harvesting. Wheat is near the stage of filling while the rape is ready to harvest. In the yellow field farmers have just sowed rice seeds which will become rice shoot, and be transplanted in farmland after its rape is reaped. This is how the farmland is planted with crops in turn.


Picture 3: Busy farmers in the field

Fuling town of Jixi


Even at noon there are also some busy farmers in the country road. Crops need to be planted in turn, so time matters and waits for nobody. Delay of a few days is delay of a planting season, that's why peasants are so diligent. The rape is ready to reap, and the paddy field waits for transplanting rice seedlings.


Picture 4: Primary school inside a clan temple

Fuling town of Jixi


Rural primary school has long been situated within a clan temple after PRC was established. Many ancestral halls have been reserved even under various impacts such as 'Sabotage four olds', 'Cultural Revolution', and longing for money by demolishing old houses and selling antiques. Rural education saved a few ancestor's treasures, testified forefather's cleverness.


Picture 5: Memory left on the rural wall

Fuling town of Jixi


Sailing in the see relies on helmsman, growing of all living beings relies on the sun. This is well-known lyric from a hot song which features absolute worship on Chairman Mao during the Cultural Revolution. Just the same as this song, the mural on the wall also demonstrates people's worship and love to the top leader at that time. Clarity and visibility of the painting shows the earnest of that age's common people. Memory traces left on the rural wall have witnessed the changes of times, strength and blindness of people.


Picture 6: At Lingxia village of Fuling along ancient path

Fuling town of Jixi


Chairman Mao's quotation was written on country wall, one sentence rivals the hundreds sentence. Only a few sentences can drive whole nation fear almost nothing and sacrifice almost everything. That's an unprecedented power, which makes people free from independent thinking, individual freedom, doubt and expression.


Picture 7: A farmhouse at Lingxia Village

Fuling town of Jixi


The cheery couplets on both sides of the door remain clear for several dozens years. The respect the farmers get veil the hardship of their lives at that times when poverty dominate the countryside. Countryside was the shelter of civilization, once the freedom to choose where to live made people moving freely between urban area and rural area. But the solid control of household registration system has made countryside in decline. Some villages between Xialingqian and Chishikeng may disappear for ever on the map because of recently-built pumped storage power stations of Jixi. So took photos as a memory.


Picture 8: On the way to Hujia village

Fuling town of Jixi


On the way to Hujia village, we can see many over 100-year-old villages which lie along river silently. The worn and antiquated look of houses only add elegance to them, indicates wisdom of its original builder and owner. The nice view could be enjoyed from afar. All the rural stuff is tranquil and nice to a tourist in a distance while it would take long to revive their community to fellow villagers. Luckily the ideas of culture revival is emerging.


Picture 9: Common riverside merging with stone riverbed shaped by washout.

Fuling town of Jixi


Huizhou children should have romped on the riverside like this especially in summer. Riverside provides the best stone bed for kids as well as a site of drying clothes and crops in the sun for farmers, a shelter to stay and rest for livestock. Kids can enjoy the sunshine on river bank after swimming, it's so much fun even under scorching sun. They also can count stars lying on their back at night, even fall asleep till midnight as if no mosquito annoys them. This is a kind of fun that couldn't be understood by urban dweller.



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