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Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi

[ Jixi ] - [ 2014-07-11 16:11:48 ]

Huizhou summer scenery is a dreamland of overlapping green hills. Everything is easy and leisurely, seems to be a fairyland isolated from outside, free from hustle and bustle world.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-1

Smoke is curling upward from chimneys, farmers have returned from their farmland for breakfast. Green wheat is into the stage of filling while the rape is ready to harvest. Field spreads into the river basin, in blazing summer surrounding view is covered by bright sunshine, all you can hear is constant cicada chirping and a few of cock crow or strong barking.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-2

Blue sky is up and high with white clouds hanging there at ease. Sign of drought can not be detected at this time. The sky is so blue and wide, appears to be poetical tendency even in summer suffocating heat. The surrounding hills that look weary and have no more imposing manner to the sky, seem to become as mild as the country field, and serve as the summer's pillow together with nearby views.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-3

It feels good to stroll in the country field in summer even the sun is extremely bright but no longer scorching as it is in the city, it is a kind of pastoral feeling. The mountain breeze that may know this feelings, gushes from the valley, as cool as spring water, surrounds you, let you feel the pleasant coolness of mountain wind in your back, on your forehead, through your trousers. New and fresh mountain wind flows out gently before the present one is warmed up by the sun. It deepens your breath and comforts you who never feel tired of it. If you feel it is still not enough, you can make a long cloud scream, may the wind responds, returns and surrounds you like spring or drizzle that couldn’t be seen but felt.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-4

Wandering around the field in summer, you inhale in strength and vitality, for you indeed breathe in nature, between sky and ground, with artistic conception. Mountain wind is your silky dress and endless green is your boundless garden. Here in summer, with breeze gently passing by, you may encounter smile on faces, glances back and children story once occurred to you.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-5

It is the country fields below rocky hills in front of my home in Jiapeng. Villages scatter here and there, with the backdrop of mountains, and are never densely crowed like cities. Standing on the slope of a hill, we're always relieved and refreshed, and can't help devoting to it, better flying within this nature's time and space if we can.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-6

Sky meets the stretch of green in the distance, together with mountains creates a scroll of Chinese light ink freehand brushwork. The mountain path was paved in Ming dynasty dating back over 500 years, meandering its way southeast into Dongling village, Xingfu village, later to Jingzhoulin, and then leaving Anhui for Zhejiang. Just at the border between Anhui and Zhejiang along the path produces a kind of famous chicken-blood stone also known as Changhua stone. That is why it was a golden old way for stone seekers.

Lush Field of Jiapeng in Jixi-7

At dusk, a golden ray from the gap of the valley casts on the Jiapeng old village. Surrounded by rape-seed plants, the Xingfu village is steeped in the golden shine. Hikers can always meet old paths, old bridges and old villages that may date back hundreds of years, have their own stories. Among those old villages, Jiapeng is a bright pearl.



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