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Dreamy Whisper of Jiapeng Water Street in Summer

[ Jixi ] - [ 2014-07-14 19:08:35 ]

How should I confide in you, the brook of Jiapeng Village? Shimmer water under the sun, with soft fine sand as its bed, loaded with the dreams of the families of Water Street, flows into multiple ranges of hills. Without selection, without promise, all it has is faith of flowing, of going ahead.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-1

The spray of water is given by mountains, the granite steps was paved by owners of houses along the stream, people's life on either side of the water street have been created by the descendants of 13 clan temples. No matter happy or sad, the glory of human relations and humanity shines upon them, warms them, has been brought about prides generation after generation.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-2

Here is a maple tree on a hill beside Jiapeng village entrance at summer dawn. I didn't approach you due to reverence. I also love the morning mist of suitable shades, against which the old maple looks more imposing and dignified at the very moment of sunshine coming out. I'd like to take this majestic moment a sacred ceremony to greet morning warmth.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-3

When first ray of the rising sun shines on every village house, the mist retreats to the woods of mountains. The summit in the distance reminds villagers of the world beyond the horizon, arise their fancy of outside the mountain range. Because of several deep sound of the village livestock, frogs were taken aback, suspended their constant croaking, created short and weird silence. A day of farmers starts. Reading in a rainy day while farming in a sunny day, what a graceful way of life Confucian scholars have been dreamed of. Our love to nature, humanity, knowledge, life and work, should begin right from here.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-4

This is shimmering ripple of a refreshing pond in the upstream of Jixi Water Street. Fishes swiftly hided into crevices of surrounding rocks, stirred the calm water surface, and made it ripple and sparkle. Seeing this, the air seems a little more refreshing, the sunshine seems somewhat like solid transparency.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-5

There are a ditch of over a thousand years and a water street of over 600 years. The spring runs down from the high Jiling Ridge, brings happiness to kids, dream to teenagers, longing for life that is continuous and endless. Named as Listening to Spring Water, the pavilion has been listening for so many generations, but never reacted to any spring sounds. It seems to turn a deaf ear to sadness in the earthly world. Never expect a pavilion to be Ganyin Bodhisattva who would listen and help those in need, this pavilion only listen but care for nothing. Maybe it has reached the base level of Zen, and empted mind, know the true meaning of emptiness. But only those who have faith and strive for their goal, hold firmly to their dreams, can reach its heart, and attain its Zen words of wisdom.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-6

From this angle we can see the splendor of the memorial archway which stands on the edge of the ditch, takes the ditch’s wall as its pedestal. It may display its history and long-standing fame. But when you have a close look on the ground, you can find its injury and loneliness. The archway keeps watching ahead, but becomes hollow and weak, even begins to compromise in its sight.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-7

At the upper reaches of the Jiapeng Water Street lies a pond which features broken shadows and lights. In order to form a certain pattern, the spring water keeps subtle waving, ripples in blurred and shimmering way, even breaks surrounding granite’s heart. Luckily a fairy tale will play by the pond soon.

Dreamy whisper of Jiapeng water street in summer-8

Sometimes we happen to meet a child fishing in the stream like this. This scene reminds us of our own childhood and rural life.



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