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Chengkan Autumn Basking in the Crops

[ Huizhou District ] - [ 2014-10-28 22:14:56 ]

By Chen Zhongping

Autumn Basking at Huangling has become a sign of Huizhou farming culture. Get used to drying crops in the sun at Huangling, to the simple and rough background of red mud walls, it seems the most suitable interpretation of autumn basking.

To my surprise, chengkan village also has the custom of basking in the crops. Living at valley plain, just prior to a Chinese solar term - beginning of winter, the Chengkan thanks-giving festival, titled as spring praying and autumn repaying, was held on schedule. Heavy history is just like the heavy flagstones, which become the heavy support for autumn drying crops in the sun.

Huigeo - Autumn Basking in the crops at Chengkan
Photo 1: This is to make a show, I like this kind of publicity. Happiness of country harvest is expressed in a way close to exhibiting, farming culture is on display at village square big fair.

Huigeo - Autumn Basking in the crops at Chengkan
Photo 2: It is hard to imagine that pumpkins can be cut to slices and hanged to dry in the sun. When winter comes, land covered by snow, these dry crops are faming family's convenient and tasty food.

Huigeo - Autumn Basking in the crops at Chengkan
Photo 3: Around 4 pm, it gets overcast, farmers began to take back their paddy and corn that were on Chengkan square for basking. Farmers told us that we are lucky for it will rain tomorrow and we won't see them any more. Those dry crop will be stored in warehouse.

Huigeo - Autumn Basking in the crops at Chengkan
Photo 4: The stones paved on the ground, the elegant white walls and dark tiles built behind the square are the background for autumn basking in Chengkan. farmer's work is solemn labour. Standing nearby, I was filled with respect for farmers.

Huigeo - Autumn Basking in the crops at Chengkan
Photo 5: Like flames, red chillies show and bask on the center of square. The joy of harvest is spreading in a sizzling way through Chengkan's autumn air.

In my view the nature of countryside should be like this: happy creation by collective labour, mutual share of collective wisdom, bold laughter, passionate singing, especially when harvest in the colorful autumn. High sky and warm sunlight give us an illusion that cold night has never existed in the world.



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